Knights of the Karrien Moon


Knights of the Karrien Moon by Ron Kivett, is a science fiction adventure novel about Burton Thomas. Thomas was considered a prince by some, a king by others, and there were those who knew him as a warlord and outlaw. In truth, he was all of these.


Thomas is a photographer covering an archeological dig deep in the jungles of Brazil when he accidentally transports himself to a high cliff overlooking a great crystal river on the post-apocalyptic planet of Karrz.  Following a wispy curl of smoke, Thomas sets out to find those who built the fire.  This proves to be a near disaster; Thomas plunges down tumbling rapids and over a thousand-foot waterfall. Miraculously, he survives and heals.  He soon encounters a group of diminutive, multi-colored workers called the Flower People, named for the giant plants they grow.  When one is attacked, Thomas shoots the massive catlike attacker, saving the country’s king.  Thomas, the white giant wielding a mysterious, magical weapon, is “honored” by being placed under house arrest. 


Three persons are assigned to attend and groom him.  Dr. BeSo opens Thomas’ mind, removes old memories for study, and inserts new information that Thomas needs to survive in the savage new world.  Meamoreia attends to Thomas’ education and physical needs.  Kelff teaches him weapons and tactics, with the goal of preparing Thomas for the Trials -- the only means by which Thomas can attain his freedom.  Thomas learns that the Trials can offer even more than freedom; through the ancient rite of the Challenge, Thomas can ascend to the throne.  If all opponents are vanquished, he can challenge any man in the kingdom.


After the next in line to the throne, a ruthless man named Hoax Ben, murders both the king and gentile Meamoreia, whom Thomas has grown to love, Thomas successfully challenges Hoax Ben at the Trials and kills him.  This results in Thomas becoming king.  But Thomas has a thirst for adventure, and little interest in ruling. He installs Dr. BeSo and Kelff as Regents when Ho Camov, a young warrior who was his trial mate, asks Thomas to help him rescue the Princess Hollian Reeaia (“the Jessa”).  The Jessa was captured by Girk slavers after a shipwreck. 


When they finally locate the Jessa, they learn that she is now the property of a master slaver and sea merchant, Olvin Dix, of the Empire of Effitia.   After Thomas daringly captures a priceless Tarkin Bull loose on the dock, he earns the Jessa as his reward. Thomas uses his magical weapon again when river pirates attack Dex’s ship. 


Along the way, they save the life of Coundis Gorsula, a warrior who is part human and part amphibian. He joins their mission.  Thomas falls deeply in love with the Jessa.  As the group continues, Coundis sails them across the Golden Sea, where they encounter an ancient highway as large as the LA freeway.  They follow it to the port city of Wholopaka where Thomas and a band of twenty young men are forced to rescue a dozen town’s women from an island fortress; the Jessa is one of them. The phrase the “Gorilla Raid” is added to the language of Karrz.


Back on the ancient highway, they see a ghostly light caused by a car-like machine.  This discovery leads them to the legendary city of Rubiatone, reputed to have been built by the gods.  It somehow survived the Great Disaster, which destroyed most of the planet’s population some three thousand years ago.  There they find Reaivous and his loyal servants, who were sent out years ago by the Jessa’s father Niija Koul, to find the lost city and its mysteries.


Reaivous shows them some strange “boats,” which Thomas believes are aircraft. His efforts to reactivate the skimmers result in a near fatal crash landing in which he almost dies.  Thomas’ crash causes the Jessa to discover her true feelings for Thomas. She loves him. But that love is forbidden. 


Thomas persists; ultimately creating a skytrain that can transport them and many treasures to the Jessa’s home island of Anthrasan.

Reaivous, whose confidence in Thomas has been buoyed by his success in flying the “boats,” decides to show Thomas his ultimate discovery: the Great Dark Box. The Time Temple.  Thomas succeeds in opening it.  It contains many treasures, including a woman who is a living link to the past. She has been sealed in stasis since the end of the last age. She will teach Reaivous about the planet’s history.


Thomas and his band leave for Anthrasan.  The king joyfully celebrates their arrival.  However, the king rejects the treasures and gives Thomas a stern reminder of his true responsibilities.  “All this is yours, my son. All the treasures come from Rubiatone on the island of Jeucar. Whether you like it or not you, Burton Thomas, are still the ruler of that island. You took a man’s life by the challenge in the Trials. Now you are king. A man can’t just walk away from that. The lives of thousands of people are now in your hands, Thomas, as well as the fate of a country -- your country.”


Thomas, with his life mate, the Jessa, beside him becomes the warrior king.  Those who fly in his armada become known as The Knights of the Karrien Moon.   Thomas and the Jessa’s ideal life comes to an abrupt end when Ho Camov arrives with news that Coundis and the old Pastfinder have been captured by a strange warrior in a white skimmer.


Thomas knew that when the second sun rose in the morning, he would have to leave his beautiful Reeaia, his queen and life mate to fly beyond the edge of the known world to find Coundis Gorsula and the Past Finder.


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2010 - present

2010 - present