Book 1 Chapter 1 - Knights of the Karrien Moon

Finding a bubble in this massive wall that would be large enough to house me was one thing, but getting into it was something else again. Finally, I found a bubble that was quite large. It had not been broken and filled with water, as had most of the larger ones. I examined the surface closely and found a place where I could make an entrance. It took me nearly an hour to batter my way into the chamber using a chunk of rock that I found.

I managed to smash a hole about four feet in diameter near the bottom of the bubble. I pounded down the rough edges of the opening and then crawled inside. I found the inside of the chamber was more spacious than I had expected it would be. I had room enough to stand and I could lie with my full length extended and not touch any of the walls of my new glass home.

Before dark, I was able to drag in a large quantity of the soft mossy grass and made myself a sleeping pallet on the floor of my chamber. All in all it was quite comfortable, but I did little sleeping that night, although by my nearest recollection I had been up twenty hours -- maybe more.

I constructed a makeshift door from a slab of clear stone I had found lying at the face of the out-cropping. I had braced it inside with what I considered a sturdy bar. Actually, it provided little security save for its psychological value, but that was enough.

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