Book 1, Chapter 8 - Knights of the Karrien Moon

The days we had spent in the dense high jungles were hot and steamy. But here in the valley, it was much cooler and fresh breezes rustled through the trees above us. We set up camp and ate, and then we all decided that a cool bath would do us all a lot of good. It had been over a week since we had been able to indulge ourselves in such luxury.

It was at this particular time that I noticed the change in the Jessa. She was sitting on a large rock in the center of the stream combing out her long dark hair. She was soaking wet and the sheer cloth of her clothing clung to her small shapely body. She was laughing and smiling and playfully kicking water out at Ho, who was lying on the bank trying to get dry. There was something different about her now. She was so wild and free and beautiful and yet, I felt there was something more. That uncomfortable feeling stayed with me the next two days and nights and it grew.

#KnightsoftheKarrienMoon #TheJessa

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