Book 1, Chapter 1 - Knights of the Karrien Moon

It was on that assignment where I first met Kitty. She was fresh out of the UCLA School of Cinematography. She also had degrees in Social Science and Economics. She spoke seven languages fluently and had a couple of side orders of Pre-Colombian art under her belt. She also had a head full of ideas on how I could do the shoot better. Back then, she was no more than another skinny, flat-chested redheaded college kid in a T-shirt who always seemed to be yelling at me. However, as I sat across the fire from her, I was now looking at a lovely young woman in full bloom. She caught my stare.

“What's the matter, Bert, never thought I’d fill out like this?”

Before I could answer, she let me off the hook with a laugh and an evil grin.

#Kitty #KnightsoftheKarrienMoon #scifi #sciencefiction

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