Book 1, Chapter 7 - Knights of the Karrien Moon

Two of the ships, which looked like massive Viking Longboats, were at anchor in the harbor; the third was still at dockside not more than a hundred yards away from us, still being loaded. As we approached, we could see that there was some kind of commotion on the loading area alongside the ship. It seemed that one of the large loading hoists had snapped while loading a prized beast. The animal's container had crashed to the dock and split open. The beast was now trashing around one end of the dock, charging at the guards and tossing shipping cases and merchandise high into the air, with powerful thrusts of his magnificent antlers.

The beast must have stood eight feet tall at the shoulders. He was built much like an American bison, but with a great rack of snow-white antlers. The body was smooth and slick like patent leather, black on top but red on the underneath. It was evident that he had two of the dock workers trapped at one end of the loading platform. He was charging wildly about, trying to get at them as they desperately tried to find cover behind the stacks of goods and merchandise still on the dock.

As we reached the end of the dock, Ho Camov grabbed my arm. "Look," he exclaimed in a low voice, pointing towards the dock. I looked up and I could see three large holding cages.

"It's her," he cried, "The Jessa!" and he pointed to the cage nearest us. There were only three women in it and Ho did not have to tell me which one was the Jessa Hollian Reeaia. She was indeed the most beautiful woman I had ever seen.

#sciencefiction #scifi #KnightsoftheKarrienMoon #TheJessa

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