Book 1, Chapter 6 - Knights of the Karrien Moon

"It was about three nons ago," he said (that's about nine months in Earth time). "I was the third in command of a trading fleet bound for the island of Talasha. There were five ships in our fleet. The first two carried cargos of precious metals, jewels, and silks. The second two bore the warriors in my command. The last ship bore the most precious cargo of all, for it bore the most beautiful woman in the entire world -- the Jessa (Jessa was their word for princess; actually, it means First Princess.)

We were about four days from making port at Talasha when the sky suddenly grew dark and the wind rose up and the storm came. The storms raged until our crews were no longer able to control their ships. The seas rose up around us in great walls and the storm raged for 3 days. When it was over, the ship with the Jessa aboard had run aground. It had broken apart just below the Hallowing reefs south of this capital city. Our losses were heavy, but the Gods had spared the Jessa from the seas. Once ashore, we regrouped and marched on, trying to find civilization and help of any kind. But only two days out of Adaicaid, we were set upon by a horde of Girks. They fell upon us from all sides. We fought valiantly, but their sheer numbers overpowered us. I was left for dead. The Jessa was taken prisoner by these savage slave hunters. I managed to make my way here to Adaicaid. I wanted to ask for help. I thought if I could form a small party of warriors, we could set out and search for her, but instead of help from the Bel Jeucur, Hoax Ben threw me into prison as a spy. He knew the Girks had captured the Jessa and several members of our party. He knew that they didn't know who she was. When he found out that there was another survivor, and one who could make trouble for him..."

"He threw you in prison to keep you out of his way, right?" I said.

"Yes." he said. "And now I have come to you. You are the great warrior, Thomas, and you are also my last hope."

#HoCamov #sciencefiction #scifi #KnightsoftheKarrienMoon

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