Amber Tulip

It was cold and gray; winter was coming. Amber had once again come to the cliffs at the edge of the Golden Sea to wait and watch for the sight or the sounds of dragons to appear on the horizon. He would come. She knew that he would return for her. It had been so long since he had held her in the strong arms - and yet with all their strength they were always gentle and kind to her. She remembered how strong and brave he was that day he rescued her from the Girk slavers. His sword and his pistol had reaped havoc and death on those who had wronged her. He had brought her to the safety of his island compound. He had given her one of the fearsome solar pistols to ensure her safety and she was never without it. When he left to follow the dragons to the south she thought she would surely die, but she did not. Then she swore to herself that she would never think of him again but she could not keep that vow. So now every morning Amber comes to the cliffs and waits and watches. Though their time together was brief she would never forget those days and nights, for they were the happiest of her life. She knew deep in her heart she would see him again and then she would tell him all those things she was afraid to say while he was still with her. She shivered as the salty wind whisked through her frail garments. Soon icy crystals formed in the air. It was too cold. She must leave.

#AmberTulip #sciencefiction #scifi

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