A Bad Review Can Be A Good Thing

I generally don't comment on my reviews. However, I recently received a two star review, which drew my attention. In the past, I've only recieved 4 and 5 star reviews for "Knights of the Karrien Moon". I want to thank L. J. Capehart and share with you a copy of her review:

"I find it a bit hard to rate this story, to tell the truth. The story started out as quite an interesting tale, reminiscent of Edgar Rice Burrough's 'Mars' stories. Unfortunately there were a number of places where the writing veered off into what was a stupid sex fantasy, totally ruining what would have been a pretty good story. It was almost as if I was reading two totally different stories...the one I could have done without completely, making me wish I hadn't bought the book. There was no hint in either the description, the 'look inside' sample, or the reviews already posted that this book held that kind of nonsense. It's a shame the author felt his book needed that. It would have held up well, possibly being worthy of four stars otherwise.".

While there were probably no more than 650 words in the "sex fantasy", the mere mention of it will probably cause others to buy the book just to find out what could have been so offensive. Thank you L. J. Capehart. I appreciate your honesty. I sincerely am sorry to have offended you.

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